Unicare Medical Center

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Logo redesign

We created a logotype which epitomizes the Unicare service by its shape as well as by the used colours. It forms in a notional cross symbolising the medical care and keeps in restrained colours that evoke sterility and trustworthiness.

Corporate Design Manual



The corporate identity branding is constituted in the same spirit of sterility but it also express playful modern design. The restrained green and blue square elements are variable in use and the company can apply it conveniently in all types of printed matters.

cards mockup
mock 1
mock 2


Fresh design

Good references from previous clients are all the more important as they refer to the service that provides medical care. We designed fresh-looking testimonials which gives the visitor a soothing impression.



The websites clothed in the new corporate colours and shapes guides a visitor easily through the options of Unicare client service. We created clear and trustworthy looking webdesign which is very intuitive and UX friendly.

desktop 1
desktop 2
mobile 1



No matter whether the clients are looking for medical care from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone, they always find a perfectly organised and responsive websites. The display response to the size of the using device and stays clear in design the same as in use.



We applied the variable design elements to make the interior brighter and cosier. The distinctive colours make the interior consistent with the corporate design identity, the square element benefit is that it can be used for the chairs and other furniture.

interier 1 interier 2 interier 3
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